Make Your Home Safer with these 5 Tips

You never know when a thief can strike. They might be lurking around your home and waiting for the perfect opportunity to relieve you of your valuables. That’s why today we’ve put together an excellent list of how to make your home safer to protect you and your family.

Create a Fake and Boring Bookshelf Display

Let’s get sneaky. In the event that a criminal manages to bypass your security, you can still make it hard on them by concealing your expensive items. One excellent method is to create a fake and boring bookshelf display. To do this, you can make use of three old binders and turn them into the perfect hiding spot. You’ll start by cutting off one side of a binder, while leaving a small tab hanging off for later. A cutting board or scissors should do the job just fine. Then cut both sides off of the second binder, again leaving tabs. This is going to serve as our centerpiece, which will bind the others together. Once you have everything done, take some glue and reinforce the plastic and cardboard so that nothing is going to slip out of place. And then line the binder tabs up together so that they’re flush. Now glue them together, holding each tab in place as you go to form a strong bond. Once all the binders are connected and secured place them on your bookshelf and you can hide small but expensive items within the treasure cave you just built. This makes for an inconspicuous hiding place that most thieves will past right by without a second thought.

Leave a Light or Two on at Night

When leaving your house at night, it’s always good to leave a light or two on, so it looks like someone’s home. However, that might not always be enough. But how do you fend off burglars aside from leaving your 8-year-old son home alone while you and the rest of the family take a trip to Paris? You can create a miniature cardboard sentry that resembles a human and then flip on a light in the room and have a fun evening out, knowing that your cardboard sentry is hard at work keeping the burglars at bay. Thieves are less likely to enter a home when they believe an animal could expose them or even injure them. A simple and effective layer of extra home security can be obtained with a simple sign letting potential intruders know what might be in store. You can find pre-made graphics online to print out on your own or simply grab a cheap plastic version at any hardware store.

Do not Leave any Item Outside Your Home That can Give Easy Access

Next time you’re outside your home, make sure not to leave any items out that give thieves easy access to your home, like a ladder. But you also want to secure your entry points. Some window locks can be pried open from the outside with ease. While a broken window is always a possibility, it’s less likely because it’ll attract attention. A simple security tactic is to measure out your window frame and create a perfectly sized rod to hold the window in place whether it’s locked or not. Get a piece of wood and cut it to size. You can also try using adjustable curtain rods. Just place the stopper in the window, for an extra level of protection besides a simple lock. If a thief wants in your home, you certainly don’t want to make it easy on them. So secure those easy access windows and block them out.

Have a Motion Lighting Around Your Home

Another obvious but quick tip is to have motion lighting around entryways to your house. These will save you good money in the long run since you won’t have to keep them turned on all the time. And not to mention the surprise factor that comes with the immediate flash of light which serves as a great theft deterrent. More details here:

Have a Security System

If a burglar believes that you have a real security system they are much more likely to skip your house and go to the next door and you may be saying well that doesn’t seem fair to the neighbor yeah well that’s the neighbors responsibility and ultimately your responsibility is to keep this person away from your house. So if you have a system that looks real and they really have no way to verify it they’re just going to move on to the next house. When you’re talking about signage, cameras and lights those kind of sounds expensive, well I have good news you can get a simulated closed-circuit camera for about seven dollars. It has a red light that flashes once every six seconds and you know the crook is going to look at that and say well maybe it’s real maybe it’s not but it’s flashing so I don’t think I’m going to go there.

The bottom line here is you are responsible for your security in your house, it doesn’t have to be expensive but it requires a little thought. Now these are all great ways to make your home safer.