How to prevent birds from flying into your windows


Birds fly into your window because they do not know that this is a window. If the birds see the middle window, he sees the reflection of trees or sky and thinks they can go. You cannot put the sticker on the glass alone or bout to solve the problem; Birds are moving flyers and indicate that they can fly between stickers. But there are more things to reduce the risks.

  1. Bug screens

Use narrow outer windows bug screens and leave them all year round. The displays reflect reflection and moisturize the wound and reduce the wounded bird hits the window.

  1. CollidEscape

Fill in the CollidEscape on the outside the window – an easy to use vinyl window film that minimizes reflection from the window, allowing viewers to see.

  1. Tape Strips

Place the vertical tape strips on the glass. Belts should not be more than 10 centimeters wide. Designs may also be painted on the outside with window color or hardened soap (which can be wiped off with a sponge but not raining). In the Arts and Crafts Center, you will find temple and temperament paints.

  1. Install frosted

Install frosted or etched windows with a smaller reflector. It can be done with new windows, and home windows are available in-home drawings.

  1. Create a movement

Create a movement to help the birds avoid the window. For example, a hinged strap or another strip of material not more than 5 centimeters wide across the window. If you want silhouettes to kink, follow it in aluminum or wood and reset them to a chain or cable in silence.

  1. Sunshades

Use sunshades or blinds to reduce the reflection and transparency of the windows.

  1. Make use of curtains and drapes

Keep as many curtains and drapes as possible to reduce the illusion that the birds can escape from the window.

  1. Place plants and flowers outside

Ensure to Place plants and flowers outside windows in rooms where you do not see them from the outside in order to reduce the likelihood that birds will handle this food or shelter.

  1. Position feeders

Strategically position feeders and baths to reduce collisions. Hold the discs and carry more than 3 meters from the window or foot. If the birds are very close to the window, they will accumulate enough of a quick hurt in flight during the window, and if they are farther away, they are likely to be avoided or recognized in the window. window context. the house. See more.

  1. Angle your glass downward

If you install new windows, lower the glass so that it does not reflect the sky and trees. Each year in North America, up to 1 billion birds can be destroyed due to collisions with windows. Some birds die during a disaster, others are stunned and can fly. But even those who later bleed internal bleeding and brain swelling, or because of their harm and confusion, the fathers.


The final solution would be a glass visible to birds, but not to humans. There are a lot of product that is of that nature which will help prevent birds from flying into your window such glass visible to birds, but almost invisible to us.